Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yes it's another blog...

Usually when I see that someone has started a blog, I ask myself "Why?" and then think to myself that it's only a matter of time until they'll get bored or busy and stop blogging. With that in mind, and with the realisation that I will probably become one of those bored, busy, former bloggers, I am starting a blog. "Why?" you ask, because I think the world needs a little more reluctant optimism. 

I made this realisation when I got so much feedback from a facebook status update I posted. Maybe I just have a lot of people who love me but I think it's just that people don't relate well to idealistic optimism. Not many of us are naturally happy, shiny people. Most of us see the crap in life, it gets us down and we realise that's just the way life is. 
So, what I want to offer here is a little optimism for the uninclined. To start things off, here's the post that caught all that attention.

So I was just in the shower missing my ex and worrying about my finances when it occurred to me that I was standing under hot running water, getting ready to see a good friend (Marinet Saint-Amand) who loves me. I have a roof over my head and my "bare" cupboards are full with things that I just don't feel like having. Then I stopped criticizing my chubby body and started thanking God for my full belly. Drinking coffee and munching on scones while watching netflix is not a lonely waste of a morning; it's a reminder that I have a sister (Heather Henderson) who gave me coffee, a grandma who gave me her recipe, and parents (LesandJulia Henderson) who bought me a laptop. I am blessed beyond what I deserve. Thank you Lord!


  1. YEAH!!! Keep them coming sista!!!!

  2. Sick brew! Y'all need a "follow this blog" button up on here somewhere! Welcome to the internet tho, haha

    1. It's at the top beside the blogger search bar :)