Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to me! or How I learned to stop worrying and appreciate the "kids" I have

When I was younger I had a plan. That plan was to be married by 25 and to have babies soon thereafter. I am 28 and I have no babies.

I do, however, have kids that I call my own and I was thankful to be reminded of that privilege today at church. I was speaking with 2 older ladies and as we were finishing up and one had to leave she turned to me and as she hugged me she said "Happy Mother's Day". I replied "I don't have any kids" and she said back something to the effect of "Yes, but I'm sure some of the kids see you as one". In my confusion I don't remember the exact quote but it reminded me that as a youth leader my teens have become my kids. Things like the times I get a little "mama bear" over them, one boy's odd comment of "You remind me of my grandma" every time he hugs me, and the nickname of "Grangela" that came out of that, make me realise that as much as I'm not their real parents I do have an important role to play as a loving adult in their lives.

I may not have reached my "goals" of being married and having babies in my mid-twenties but I do have kids I get to love and cherish- kids I get to fill with Tang and send home to their parents.... Hmm, maybe I'm more blessed than I thought after all.


  1. Whoo! Thanks for all the love you show to our youth Ange! You make a huge difference to them, and to the rest of our leaders! Thanks for being the mom of the group haha! Happy mother's day (belated as this is) bro!